I´m going to be using for this project an Apple MacBook Pro but actually most of the software used is available also for Linux and Windows platforms. So hopefully you are not going to have problems replicating the setup.

List of elements of the setup:

  • Application server: Apache Tomcat 7.0 on the MacBook Pro. Apache Tomcat is downloaded as binary from Apache site and just uncompressed in my project folder.
  • CouchDB Server: on an Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS (64 bits) virtual machine running in the MacBook Pro using VmWare Fusion (I love VmWare products since many years and likely that VirtualBox, Parallels,… are as good but I’ve started with VmWare and they run well for what I need and typically I can afford their prices).
    Yes! One question about the Linux distribution that I’ve chosen… since this project is likely to keep me bussy for some time, I got the latest. And about “Desktop” and not “Server” because I don’t want to have to do some manual configuration as switching keyboard layout, configure IP address… and whenever I want to do some (serious) performance testing I will try to find another machine and then I will install server. Nevertheless, I do a lot of manual (console) operations specially for those that I use to do quite ofter (start services, install packages,…).
  • CouchDB is directly installed from Ubuntu repositories (sudo apt-get install couchdb).
  • Ubuntu machine uses NAT and fixed IP address just to make sure that each time I reboot it I can easily find it.
  • IDE: IntelliJ IDEA (sorry! I’m not an Eclipse follower just because I’ve started using Idea years ago and I’m not about to switch as far as I don’t have to and Idea offers me what I need).

This is basically about it… Hopefully pretty simple.


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