KendoUI Grid Cell right aligned

This is part of a much more complex set of KendoUI Grid Widget configuration. For reading the whole tutorial read this.

Align Cells to the right

KendoUI documentation uses to recommend to use templates for this kind of customization but I tend to prefer adding to the columns a definition of attributes: { style:”text-align: right;”} or define a CSS style ob-right as text-align: right and then attributes into columns as attributes: { class:”ob-right”}.


<div id="numbers_tbl"></div>
.ob-right {
    text-align: right;
            {value: 10.00},
            {value: 10.01},
            {value: 10.02},
            {value: 10.03}
        { field:"value", title:"default" },
        { field:"value", title:"right", attributes:{ class:"ob-right" } }

NOTE: I have displayed the same column twice, once titled “default” with the default alignment and the second titled “right” with right alignment.

You can see this working here.


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