KendoUI open grid editor on double-click

Sometimes (many) you don’t want to use screen space creating a button for something that you can do with click, pinch, swipe… So, why do not use double click for opening a popup editor for grid entries?

KendoUI open grid editor with double-click

Lets assume that this is the definition of our grid.

var grid = $("#stocks_tbl").kendoGrid({
            { name:"Apple", symbol:"AAPL" },
            { name:"Amazon", symbol:"AMZN" },
            { name:"Google", symbol:"GOOG" }
    editable  :"popup",
    columns   :[
        { field:"name", title:"Name" },
        { field:"symbol", title:"Tick" }

We have to bind a function to double click event on grid rows.

grid.element.delegate("tbody>tr", "dblclick", function () {
    // code to open / enter in editor mode

For editing a row (either if it is popup or inline) I need to invoke editRow in the grid with the row to edit as argument. This is simply done as:

grid.element.delegate("tbody>tr", "dblclick", function () {

And that’s all. This time it has been pretty simple and fast and it is not required to deep knowledge in JavaScript nor in KendoUI.


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