KendoUI: Gaming with it (part 1)

This post is about a game that I did for my kids but also as a excuse for me for practicing KendoUI MVVM. So if you are interested on learning about MVVM this is for you. If not, at least you can play the game in here.

Game Description

  1. There is a board where you are going to place some pebbles with random numbers ranging from 1 to 9.
  2. You have to choose a column where to insert the pebble.
  3. Pebbles slide down until get the lowest empty position.
  4. Pebbles are (automatically) removed when you get a number of contiguous pebbles of at least the number of the pebble. Pebbles with 1 are special (keep reading).
  5. The largest the area the better the score. The greater the number the better the score.
  6. Two contiguous pebbles can be combined (added) to get a larger one -here where pebbles with 1 start being important-.
  7. For combining two pebbles, choose the one being added and then the one to be added to. The first, gets removed and the second replace by the value of adding them.
  8. Holes in the board (result of combined pebbles or automatically remove contiguous area) collapse, meaning that shift down.
  9. Initially the maximum pebble number is 5, meaning that you only get random pebbles from 1 to 5 and you cannot combine them for getting values larger than 5.
  10. Every 5 pebbles that you place in the board, the system inserts a row of random pebbles in the bottom shifting up all pebbles 1 row.
  11. Every 10 shifts-up maximum allowed pebble is increased by one until a maximum of 9.
  12. The game ends when some pebble gets the top of the board overflowing.

Give it a try… Numbers Flooding