Zafu: KendoUI JSP autocomplete revisited

In Zafu: KendoUI JSP taglib + Couchbase (3) I have explained how to implement an autocomplete for accessing the name of the beers of Couchbase sample-beer database. That time I have used a pretty complex structure for mapping KendoUI filter. But if the only thing that I need is sending whatever the user has typed so far,…

Zafu: KendoUI JSP taglib + Couchbase (3)

It’s time to take a look into another of KendoUI widgets: autocomplete, and use it for creating an input that suggested the name of one of the beer provided in Couchbase sample-beer database.

Zafu: KendoUI JSP taglib + Couchbase (2)

New published post on experiments and conclusions on merging KendoUI JSP wrapper and CouchBase. Also, first “problems” using KendoUI taglib (remember that this is only a beta release).

Zafu: KendoUI JSP taglib + Couchbase (1)

A couple a days ago I attended KendoUI Q3 announcement. Being more in the Java than C# side I was very excited about JSP taglib. Just one hour after finishing the presentation I connected to Couchbase 2.0 webinar on Couchbase App Development and few hours latter I finished writing some code using both together.