Letter to a Moderator

Dear Mr. Moderator,

We (humans) have decided to grant control to few that will represent us and will decide for us.

This is not about politics nor economics, it is about technical blogs and forums even that it might be extrapolated to other areas.

Yesterday, in a forum that you moderate, someone asked something that I actually have written about it in a post. Instead of just saying check this post in this blog I should, admit my fault, have written something a little more elaborated and copy part of the blog entry into the answer avoiding one extra click to the person asking for information… but, I didn’t, I wrote something like “What you are looking for is explained in this blog entry”.

Few hours latter you -acting as moderator- deleted my answer: obviously no explanation. I’m afraid that you do this so often that it’s easier to have the system saying go to FAQ about why this has been deleted, than actually writing why. And the system is bad enough to do not allow you to select which of the FAQ (rules) I did not met.

This did not make me feel happy but the FAQ says -as one reason for deleting it- “barely more than a link to an external site” so I might recognize my fault and what you -the moderator- did was correct.

BUT -this is why I’m wondering who moderates you- the previous (and single) answer (not deleted) stated “You can easily do this with . Have a look at the demo.” a reference to the manufacturer web page!!!

Pardon! what is different in this other link?

  1. It is not more elaborated.
  2. It is barely a link to an external site.

So, why this has not been deleted?

If the reason for not allowing references to external sites is providing more value to the site that you represent, previous answer should have been deleted. But, obviously provide much more value a link to the manufacturer’s demo web page than to a particular blog explaining exactly the solution to the questioned topic. Is like when you asked -in the same forum- how to use Unix test command instead of opening the console and writing man test. The power of the forum is about having many question either you can easily answer them by yourself and get traffic to it (or to companies paying for it) and not to other sites.

Sorry, I don’t understand your reasoning! Same that I cannot understand an International Rating Office that three months ago rated as AAA a company that now is garbage, or why a CEO did something that ruined a company and got paid for leaving?

So, it is very nice delegate in others (as you) to guarantee a good government but the mechanism is not perfect. Despite I don’t like to throw questions and I do prefer to answer them: this time I cannot.

Can you help me understand why my answer was deleted and not the other one? It is not (just) a personal question it is helping me improve the quality of my answers (and the answers in the forum that you represent)

Best Regards



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