KendoUI Q1’14 Release just announced

Telerik just announced their KendoUI Q1’14 Release and this time they bring a lot of cool new widget and some very interesting new options for old ones.

In this post I will list some of this cool options that I’ve already been able to test while in Beta and now I can enjoy in its full flavor.

New Widgets

There are some cool and very nice widget as:

  1. Notification: Very easy and non blocking notifications for your sites. Forget about alerts or have to handcraft popup windows. They provide you new notifications even with custom categories (not just warning and errors) and you can choose where to display them (top, bottom, left, right, fixed position, contained, floating…), for how long (they can autohide after some period of time), they can be templated,…
  2. MaskedTextBox: This is likely my favorite one because of the long time waited. Yes, you can finally have masked text box for telephones, credit cards, or you can even create your own. This actually deserves a post by itself that I’m already writing.
  3. Sortable: This is actually a widget per se but it is also used in Grid were you can move rows and sort them. Really nice effect!!!
  4. “Real-time” DataSource: Wow!!! this is also cool. Have two grids, listviews… and see what you do in one being updated in the other. Do you remember what I did with Dropbox in the post ? Now you have the same effect with plain KendoUI. This is a new level of Observable Objects
  5. Grid Frozen Columns: another new options for making Kendo UI Grids even better. Now you might have some columns stick where they are when you scroll horizontally. Perfect when you have large amount of data or even better when your screen size is not that large.

Please, go to their demo web site and see them in action. It’s worthy.


KendoUI: Sortable Widget

My friend kept challenging me about jQuery UI Sortable and my implementation of KendoUI Sortable Lists. He asked me to go a step further and implement a Sortable Grid that would allow to move cells in horizontal and vertical.

KendoUI Sortable Grid

KendoUI Sortable Grid: See it in action

I think that the very best is see what it can do:

But, it does not actually to be a regular grid (all cell with the same width):

Not even just static content elements, they might be other KendoUI widgets:

KendoUI Sortable Grid: Description

Basically you define an HTML element that contains group of HTML elements (rows). Each row contains a list of HTML elements (cells).

So, this widget is able to:

  • Move a cells inside a row or between rows.
  • If a row gets empty (no cells on it after a move), then the row is removed.
  • If you drop a cell in the space between rows (in the videos it has been styled as box in slightly darker border), then a new row is inserted with the element being dragged.